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Maintenance Productivity & Safety Gains – Successful Trials at Rio Tinto

Late last year, after significant trials at Rio Tinto’s Bell Bay Aluminium refinery in northern Tasmania, Segnut provided a solution that removed the need for dangerous high-energy removal methods and significantly shortened the change-out downtime, improving productivity.

Segnuts were used to secure wear plates on the paste mixers as part of the carbon anode manufacturing process. The securing bolts must be removed from the inside of the machine, making periodic removal of the plates difficult and time-consuming. It also required maintenance personnel to work in confined spaces and make use of high-risk oxy-acetylene cutting. Time was saved on number of personnel, with no observers required and no fire safety watch for hotworks. Being a smelting environment with multiple risks surrounding fumes and hot works in the same place, the elimination of these practices in the refinery was a high safety priority for Bell Bay.

The success of the Bell Bay trial has seen Segnut being added to the site’s inventory management system as a regular supply item for day-to-day operations.

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Read the full article published on Mining Monthly.


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Hand-Arm Vibration (HAVS) Remains a Hidden Threat for Australian Maintenance Professionals

Hand-Arm Vibration (HAVS) Remains a Hidden Threat for Australian Maintenance Professionals

Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome, known as HAVS, is a very serious condition that is caused by vibration transferred to the hand and arm through the use of power tools, or other vibrating machinery. If left untreated, it can even result in finger or hand amputation. While there are some existing products on the market designed to minimise the effects of hand arm vibration, eliminating or reducing exposure to vibration is the most efficient and effective way of minimising the risk. Segnut is designed to do just that.

BHP Adopts Segnut as Solution to Hot Works Fires

BHP Adopts Segnut as Solution to Hot Works Fires

After nearly two years of close cooperation including technical trials, laboratory tests and rigorous field trials, Segnut has been officially accepted by BHP for use in its WA Iron Ore operations. In 2017, the screen house at Mount Whaleback mine caught fire as a result of hotworks being used to remove a seized nut. In Segnut, BHP found a means of removing the need for hot works to remove seized fasteners, that requires no special tools, nor changes to the design of the chutes, wear liners or other equipment. By replacing common hex nuts on wear liners and hard skirts on conveyors, BHP aims to remove the risk of a hot works (spark–ignited) fire in areas of high fuel load, such a screen houses and car dumpers.